Country Hungary
Region Abaúj
Study Area Derenk
About the Study From 1711, Derenk was a northeastern Hungarian village consisting exclusively of a Polish population for almost three centuries until 1943. It is now extinct. Prior to 1711, it was a Slavic/Hungarian community. It is located one kilometre from the border of Slovakia. It is situated in the middle of a National Conservation Forest called Aggtelek National Parktek between Szögliget, Hungary and Silická Jablonica, Slovakia.

This study focuses on all records associated with Derenk and its inhabitants. The time period for data collection stretches from the early 1600s to the 1940s.

The 1869 Hungarian census for Derenk has been indexed and is available at:

Population 507 in 1833, 451 in 1869, 439 in 1937 and 443 in 1941.
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